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Tres Testolin Profile

I’m a multi-media artist playing around and experimenting with all kinds of mediums. It’s so much fun to find different ways to manipulate the mediums and watch pieces develop. Trying to take each piece to the next level by asking myself, what next? Ink? Wax? Is it finished? I am seriously just having fun pouring, splashing, melting, and burning.


Acrylic Pours – Fluid puddles of paint on canvas. Manipulated with water, oils, and airflow.

Encaustic Wax – Beeswax and Damar resin, on cradled wood. Some with embedded objects. Each layer infused by fire to ensure long lasting works of art.

Milk Paintings – Original photos of temporary fluid paintings. Created with paints, oils and various fluids like milk, honey, even orange juice. Mounted on cradled wood and sealed with epoxy resin.

Glitches – Original photos, digitally manipulated, and printed. Ultimately, mounted on cradled wood and sealed with epoxy resin or beeswax.