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Kathy Martingilio Profile


Kathy Martingilio has always loved to wear hats. She always has created artwork in her life through ceramics or quilting. She attended a hat making seminar five years ago in Indiana and got hooked on making hats! She has been tutored by master milliners from Australia, England, Ireland, France and the United States and is continually taking classes on Zoom to keep up with the latest trends. She has also taken classes on how to make silk flowers for her hat creations with tools that milliners’ used that were taught by European flower makers to put on her hats when she feels silk flowers will enhance the finished hat the most!
There are many different textiles that hats can be made from but most of them have to be imported from other countries. She has a large selection of wooden hat blocks which are molds that some hats are needed to form the hats, then Kathy trims and decorates them with the utmost care and a light hand in luxurious textiles to enhance her clients and add a finishing touch to their ensemble.
Kathy takes great pride in her craftsmanship. Her silhouettes are classic and even playful and the lines are clean and flattering to a woman’s face. The result is contemporary, wearable, and feminine.
Kathy is a member of American Institute Millinery Education (AIME).
One of my favorite quotes is from Lily Dasche. “A woman’s hat is close to her heart. Though she wears it on her head. It is her way of saying to the world. See this is what I am like-or this is what I would like to be”.