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Bill Burns Profile

Bill Burns , Woodworker

When selecting a walnut slab for use as a table top or bench , we are always searching for the unusual. An organic shape and size with a distinctive wood grain and figuring in the walnut. The finest grain and figure of the tree is usually found at the crotch where the limb meets the trunk. This heavy limb is under great pressure and compression from the constant twisting and movement of the limb from the trunk, which in turn can create beautiful feather like figuring.
After selecting a desirable slab, I peel the bark from the slab and at times remove some of the soft outer sapwood . The slab is then planed flat, if needed, sanded and readied for finish. The finishing varies from slab to slab.
Usually a penetrating oil is hand rubbed into the surface to seal the wood and enhance the color .After the sealer has dried, a satin polyurethane topcoat is applied at anywhere from 3 – 6 coats. This final topcoat adequately protects the surface and helps to avoid those dreaded white water rings . A set of legs is selected and the table or bench is complete.

Bill Burns 815- 670-6359