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Deborah Sherman Profile

I N T O   T H E   H E A R T   O F   P H O T O   A R T
Artist: Deborah Lynn Sherman, Rockford, Illinois

Sixteen years ago, I unintentionally began a quest within Digital Photography, in a self-taught sort-of way.It came as promptings, like shadows on a wall, toa mindfulness far-reaching. Allowing me to see impressions of multiple media styles emerging, while exploring numerous methods of graphic creativity. Bringing to light a unique style of wonder and intrigue within the Awe-Inspired Enlightened Imagery emerging. It has all been as a compelling joy-felt discovery while throwing me into the world of Abstract Expressionism.
My passion for Art started at a very young age while meditating silentlywithin my heart to: the beautyof the sky, patterns on the wings of a butterfly, ripples in a flowing stream, or fields of dandelions gloriouslydelighting–captivating my spirit.
For thirty years I have loved embracing the sublime within: nature, music, poetry and inspirational writing – reflecting deep into the art of soul expression. The many multi-facets of creativity evolving have beenan exuberantESCAPE for me past the perplexity of my day, while capturing a sense of peace along the way. Forming a clarity of vision within the overflow of inspiration.And now placing me on a new-found purpose-filled journey deep into the heart of PhotoArt – as a dream within a dream.