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Chris Howard Profile

From a young age, I have loved creating, starting with my years of sewing wearable art garments, to today where I am constantly looking for new, mixed media portrayals of nature and its elements. I hope my paintings give people a new way to look at the universe that surrounds us. In some of my work I might use symbolism and metaphors to pull the viewer into my painting. I approach each painting looking for the nuances, the secret hidden within the layers of acrylic paint built up on the canvas. I ask myself: “What am I trying to say?” “What do I want my audience to experience within my work?” My hope is to take my viewer on a magical journey, and inspire a reaction all through the tools of shape, value, color, edges, and center of interest. I don’t always have a preconceived notion of what the outcome of my piece will be, but, as layers build, the journey leads me to a finished destination.

My art is the child in me wanting to play, and my signature “Christie” is in honor of my father and mother who named me.

My inspiration has come from some of the teachers I have studied with over the past few years: Joan Fullerton, Jan Sitts, Karen Ragus, David Kessler, Bob Burridge, just to name a few. I love the world of abstract, expressionist art.

I reside in Rockford, Illinois. Contact me at; or call (815) 398-1782 or (815) 262-4170.

Chris Howard, Artist