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John Hantsch Profile

I have been painting, off and on, since the 1970’s.
I grew up in an era of optimism that spoke of the possibilities of mankind’s and of an individual’s future. The space program, advances in the sciences, the civil rights and women’s movements – they all spoke of a brighter future for all of us. And because of this I was drawn to books and movies of science and science fiction. In both I found an expression of my own enthusiasm for the future. And even though that future is a bit different from the one I grew up expecting, I still look forward to seeing that future coming to life. And that is what I try to depict in my artwork … that wonder and excitement of what the future can hold for all of us.
The sciences and science fiction have all been an influence on my work. Looking at the sky on a clear evening, and trying to comprehend the universe that we have all been born into, it is difficult to believe that we are the only people who are looking at that same universe.
My work is also influenced by the art of Syd Mead, an industrial designer and illustrator. His work depicts a very upbeat take on our future on this world, as well as other worlds far from here in space and time. I share his optimistic outlook, and try to reflect that in my own artwork.
I work primarily in acrylics on canvas or board, but I also work in watercolor and gouache (opaque watercolor).
I have been a member of the Rockford Art Guild for seven years.
I am happily married for over forty-six years. My wife and I live in Belvidere, Illinois, where we are outnumbered by three cats: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson.