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Don Hyson Profile

Personal description:

My home is in Winnebago, Illinois. I have a small, but well-equipped workshop where I work daily to turn wood into 3-dimensional functional and decorative art.  I have been a woodworker for most of my adult life and am primarily self-taught. I am a long-term member of the Northern Illinois Woodturners Club as well as the Rockford Art Guild where I share my skills and glean ideas from others.My passion and skill for creating with wood has grown and matured over the years as I strive for ever greater quality and expression. Using primarily domestic hard woods including oak, walnut, maple, cherry, Chinese elm, and ash, I create unique hand-turned bowls, pepper mills, vases, and functional fine art which is often embellished with hand-carved inlays or relief elements, and may incorporate pyrography, carving and piercing.  The majority of my time creating each piece is spent in making it feel smooth and sensual, a delight to the eye and the hand. My work is on exhibit at Jill Rae Finally Art Gallery, Rockton, Illinois, and has been included in numerous local and regional exhibits including Nicholas Conservatory, Womanspace, Art in the Park, Greenwich Village Art Fair, the Hyson-Marsh Exhibit, Art Dash for Serenity House, and with the Rockford Art Guild at the Rockford Area Arts Council’s bi-annual Art Scene.


Artist’s Statement: 

Under my hands, wood burls become unique, tactile and elegant objects, both useful and sculptural.  Each creation is tactile and sensual both to vision and touch.  My objective is to create timeless and tasteful wood sculptures to please the hand and eye.    Pick it up, touch it, feel the elegance and let your hand and eye follow the form as you invite it into your life.

Donald E. Hyson
601 S. Church St.
Winnebago, IL 61088
Mobile:  815-601-4196
Land:  815-335-2966