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John Wemmer Profile

Art in my formative years was a mainstay.  High school provided the foundation and drive to fortify my interest.  Rock Valley College and Rockford College polished my apprenticeship with technique and mastery taught by exceptional teachers, especially Mr. William Conger, who greatly influenced my style.  Participation in the Rockford Art Guild has given me camaraderie and support and I hope to offer the same to our current and new members.

I work with bright colors to not only move the viewer’s eye around the piece but also to let my artwork command the attention of the room it is in.   I always paint or draw with structure; lines, curves, circles and squares allow me to tell a story and more fully convey what I want the viewer to experience.

I admire the art of Grant Wood and Edward Hopper and hope to further my work in the “regionalist style”.

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