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Beth Wemmer Profile

I was introduced to fine art as a child. My grandmother was a painter/ artisan and her art was everywhere in her home and ours. I always thought that I would be an artist, too and spent a lot of my childhood drawing on anything that was available.
I loved art and music classes in grade school, but didn’t care for math. To remedy my distaste for arithmetic, I found pleasure in “drawing” numbers, trying always to keep them in straight lines and rows. This, I realized as an adult, was a form of art to me, the child. I could make patterns with straight and curved lines and satisfy my love of drawing.

I took art classes in high school and college (Rock Valley and Rockford College) and had many incredible art teachers during that time.
I never stopped doing art although it took on many different forms when I got married and had kids. I became an artisan, made toys and costumes and did more sculptural things. I have since come back to drawing and painting.

My art is a way of expressing what I see in the world, or a way of changing what I see in the world.
The artistic process is interesting to me. The gathering of materials, laying down the first lines, experimenting with different colors and techniques, waiting for the ah-ha moments that move the work to completion and the finality of framing the work all give me a chance to reflect on what I have done and find inspiration for new art.

Currently, I use pens and wax pastels on cardboard. I like to draw animals and birds and I am also working on a series of “nostalgic realism” art. I focus on old toys; drawing them without backgrounds to force the viewer to see the subtilties and wear of old, beloved toys.

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