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Dennis Dargel Profile

Dennis Dargel is a Rockford area resident (raised in North Park, IL/Machesney Park, IL). Dennis fell in love with art in general with the help of the art teacher at Rockford Lutheran High School, Mrs. Davidson.

Dennis fell in love with painting while attending Rockford College (1982/1985).

Dennis graduated from Rockford College in 1985 with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in accounting.

Dennis was married to Roxanne in 1986. In 1990 Dennis’ son David was born and in 1995 Dennis’ daughter Amber was born.

Dennis has worked in IT (Davidson, NC/Naperville, IL/Chicago, IL/Rockford, IL/Winnebago, IL) since graduating from college but has always wanted to get back to painting.

As Dennis nears formal retirement, he has once again taken to the canvas, with abstract painting being his painting style of choice.

Dennis became a member of the Rockford Art Guild in August of 2022 and has begun to look for avenues for showing and selling his paintings.

In addition to a love for art, Dennis is a technology junkie. Dennis is always looking for ways to exercise his mind and learn new things. Need an Android application written, a website designed, your PC fixed or an explanation of cryptocurrency or blockchain methodology, Dennis can do that.

Despite the fact that Dennis’ paintings are abstract, Dennis uses the real things around him as inspiration for the content and names of his paintings.

Dennis strives to paint with passion, using the abilities given to him by God.

Dennis hopes people find depth and meaning in his paintings.

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