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Dennis Dargel Profile

“Art is created to touch the mind and the soul.”

Dennis has been painting most of his life.

His love of art came from his art teacher at Rockford Lutheran High School as well as his art Professors at Rockford University (College).
Dennis uses an abstract painting style to produce art that speaks to people and in turn enriches their lives.

Unlike Realism painting, Abstract Painting brings into play the added dimension of interpretation, when one views the painting.

What was being observed or thought of during the painting process?

What does the painting say to you?

If a painting speaks to you, the conversation has just begun.

One’s parents taught us that staring is often considered rude and even threatening. With art, staring is essential.

This is kind of like “Stopping and smelling (viewing) the roses.”.

Be sure to view Dennis’ latest paintings at: