Golden’s Water Media Workshop

DATE:  March 24th

Time: 9am to 4:00pm
Where: WomanSpace Art Studio

Join the Rockford Art Guild for a fun day of trying different water based medias that you may not have tried before.  A representative of Golden Art products will be giving us a day of using their different medias and talking about how you can use them.  
The day will start with a short lecture on the Golden products and then on to playing with the different mediums.

Acrylics @ watercolor as water media
a fun, fast paced overview of how acrylic paints are used as water media – this focuses on Fluid, and High Flow paints a well as watercolor and how they respond to a variety of surfaces: absorbent ground, light molding paste and more. Participants will have a chance to sample these grounds.  Free samples.

Texture and landscapes
Acrylics are versatile paints and used with gels and pastes there are a myriad of textures to create.  From gritty grounds to transparent tones to thick, rich pastes we will develop a variety of textures.  Participants will leave with samples of several build textures: a rust, and archological ground, a “snakeskin”… in the morning we will build up surfaces and in the afternoon we will paint them for wonderful layering effects.

A wonderful array of paints, gels and pastes will be provided so participants can really explore media they have been curious about and never able to try.

Class is dependent on enrollment numbers.  If we do not have enough people signed up for the class the class will be cancelled and your payment refunded.

RAG Classes - Golden Class 2018

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