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Patricia Saunders Profile

Patricia Saunders as a small child was inspired by her Mother’s oil paintings and has been creating art ever since. She earned an Associate Degree in Art from Rock Valley College, studied art at Rockford College for a semester, and received a Bachelors Degree in Advertisement Design from Ray College School of Design, Schaumburg, Illinois.

Patricia is currently the owner of PS Designs & More, a Graphic Design and Website Design/Development business.

Determined to create art, Patricia has kept up with her fine art and created many works. Over the years she has worked with a variety of mediums; colored pencils, oil and acrylic paints, and subject matter; photo-realism and abstract. Currently she is focused on the technique of layering colors, using either oils or acrylics, to bring her paintings to life.

Patricia’s spirit-energy directs her art. She paints what speaks to her. It may be an object, part of nature, or a design. She sees the colors in the beauty of the world and paints the colors, many layers of color.

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