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Nadja Schutt Profile

I picked up a brush and love for color and texture at an early age. While my subject matter and styles have morphed and evolved over the years, brilliant, bold color and intricate texture have always been my signature.

Fresh out of art school in 2009, I opened shop under NASchuttDesign selling hand crafted wearable bead sculptures in the forms of brooches, pendants and bracelets. After many successful years beading, I continued to grow artistically and moved on to painting silk, expanding on the skills my Oma in Germany taught me as a child. This series focused largely on florals, a long time love of my U.S. grandma and amplified by my former profession as a floral designer.

As time progressed and the matriarchs in my family began to move into the next stages of life and to the there after, the concept of home and memories began to take form in the current Happy Haus series. Brilliant colors and playful expressions are intimate takes on past an present memories. The goal is to capture the happiness, joy, playfulness and never-ending childlike drive for exploration within the realms of everyday and allow those feelings exude onto the viewer so they too are uplifted.

Life’s too short not to be Happy.

-Nadja Schutt

Facebook: @naschuttdesign
Instagram: @naschuttdesign

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