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Michelle Dahl Profile

Acrylic painter, Michelle Dahl, has been an art lover since childhood. She was captivated by the ease in which her father could transform a blank piece of paper into a realistic animal drawing and that ignited a life-long spark in her. Other art influences have been many over the decades but she has always been drawn to the impressionist styles of Degas, Monet, and Mary Cassatt for how they captured the gentle and peaceful essence of their subjects, and their subtle color palettes.
Michelle began pursuing her art full-time as a second career in 2016 after retiring from elementary teaching. As a primarily self-taught artist, she has been learning through self- exploration, and by studying the current works and teachings of American artists, Nicholas Wilton and Shelby Dillon , as well as German painter, Iris Kremser. She has completed training in theArt2Life Creative Visionary Program, as well as being a member of the Art2Life Academy, 2020-2021.
It has been through this study and continuing practice that Michelle has expanded her knowledge of the two art forms she is mostly drawn to, representational art and impressionism, but most importantly where her true artistic voice lies. This also has now afforded her the opportunity to be a member of the Rockford Art Guild and Raw Artists Milwaukee since 2018. Her artwork has been showcased in local community restaurants and galleries, such as Katie’s Cup bistro (March 2021) and Womanspace Art Gallery (July-September 2019), as well as her first international virtual exhibit in the M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Italy July 2021.
Michelle gains inspiration from all that nature provides and can be found working on her acrylic commissioned pet portraits, abstract florals or landscapes out of her studio, Sunflower Studio LLC, that is nestled in the quiet woods on her small farm in Rockford, Illinois. Visit her website, and her Instagram page @mdahlart.