Carol Guttu Profile

I was raised in a small town in western N Dakota, where elementary art education was typically a series of 3 x 5 cards depicting the masterpieces that were passed around the classroom on Friday afternoons.  Fortunately I was lucky enough to have Walter Piehl, North Dakota’s premier western artist, as my eighth grade art teacher.  His instruction instilled a life-long appreciation and love of art.  I now consider my greatest influences to be the Impressionists and the American West artists, Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt.  I work primarily in acrylics and oils.

In the interest of making a living, I attended NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota, attaining a BS in Pharmacy in 1979.  Soon after, I moved to Rockford, IL to practice until my retirement in 2014.  During that time I never lost my passion for art, expressing myself through needlepoint and stained glass.  In retirement I added landscape painting to that list, mainly painting places I have been or would like to go some day.

I believe that art is integral to being human, whether in its creation or its appreciation.  “I want to give the viewer a little look into the beautiful world we live in and encourage them to express their own creativity.  It’s never too late to start!”

I live in Cherry Valley, IL, with my husband Mike, and our cat, Luke, when not off traveling the globe.



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