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Annette McLean Profile

As a psychotherapist who specializes in women’s issues, I have long believed in creativity as a path to healing. A favorite quote on my Pinterest board reads, “I was created to create. “ Ah, so true. Art is everything. And in a chaotic world our creativity is something that is still available. I seek to infuse it into everything I do.
As an artist, I am intuitively drawn to painting women’s faces. I never know who is going to turn up in my paintings. Once I start the process, the face emerges each different from the last. I am also passionate about combining the Divine Feminine into my work by incorporating goddesses, angels and other mythic figures.
When I am not painting you will likely find me enjoying time with my family, crocheting, or with a miniature dauchsund named Henry on my lap. I am so honored to be part of Art Scene this year among so many amazing artists.
Annette McLean